02:58 Whitakers , NC
03:50 Missoula, MT
02:05 Captain Cook, HI
We WWOOF because
“It helps us give back.”
02:12 Bayside, CA
WWOOFer and Beekeeper
Max's advice: "Be open to everything."
02:15 Monmouth, OR
"The best way to learn is to teach."
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About the project
WWOOF is the inspiration for so many great stories, as WWOOFers and hosts connect and create unique experiences that deserve to be shared. These videos showcase the diversity
of our community’s stories. We hope they will inspire individuals to further WWOOF’s mission to promote educational exchange and build
a global community conscious of ecological farming practices.
We want to celebrate our members’ creativity and experiences. There are so many amazing stories that can’t be captured just in words, as the following videos demonstrate. If you have ever WWOOFed or been a host, we encourage you share your story and create videos that will inform and motivate others to go WWOOFing or host WWOOFers. Learn from each other’s experiences and connect with fellow WWOOF-USA members by sharing a video today!
your story
Follow these simple instructions to share your story with the WWOOF community.
What you need: Phone, tablet, or camera and a story to tell!
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Choose a question
Choose a question
Not seeing a question that inspires you? Suggest a question.
If we like it, we’ll add it to the list!
Shoot Your Scenes
Shoot Your Scenes
Here’s a few best practices for making an awesome video
Show us the farm People will want to see where you went, include a shot or two of the farm.
Tell us your story Less is more. See if you can answer the question in less than two minutes.
Add a closing scene End your video with a final shot of the farm or surroundings and some closing words.
Download guidelines
Name your video
Name your video
Video Details
Put your video on the Map!
Include names and locations to connect members and help us get know the WWOOF community.
Farm Shot Tips & Tricks
  • Show us where you are! :)
  • Capture anything that relates to the question you’re answering. You could even use different camera angles to add interest to the video.
  • Always hold your phone in the horizontal position to capture as much of the scene as possible.
  • When moving your phone, always do it slowly and as smoothly as possible. Jittery video is hard for people to watch.
“Your Story” Tips & Tricks
  • If you are interviewing someone else and ask him or her a question, make sure they repeat the question in their answer.
  • Keep your story as concise as possible and under two minutes in length. One strategy is to write a very simple outline of your stories beginning, middle and end.
  • Keep the camera steady and in line with your subjects eyes by using a tripod, leaning it on a solid surface, or having a friend hold the camera.
  • Choose a quiet location when you record someone’s audio. Keep the camera close to your subject, preferably within 3-4 feet and have them speak clearly towards the camera.
Closing Shot Tips & Tricks
  • What is the last thing you want viewers to see? Is it the farm again? Is it a person? Is it an animal? Whatever feels right for you and your story.
  • Keep this short, a few seconds is ideal.
  • Shoot in well-lit areas with lots of natural light. Remember to have the main light source behind the camera, facing the subject.
Thank you!
Your video has been received. You should receive an email confirmation soon. Until then, follow #MyWWOOFStory for the latest updates.
a question

Every month we will select a new question and ask the WWOOF community to create videos in response.

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